What Is Cosmetic Dentistry and How Can it Benefit You

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Before the advent of today’s go-anywhere communication devices, medical doctors were forced to rely on pagers to alert them to emergency developments with their patients. These emergency doctors, through split-second medical decisions, are able to save those patients who cling to life by a thread. Hollywood’s ceaseless portrayal of doctoral brilliance and valor only serves to perpetuate this wide-held view.

You don’t tend to hear too much about “emergency dentists,” though they’re another crucial aspect of the medical industry. Dentists won’t be performing open heart surgery, but they will be called in to restore the four teeth a young soccer player had kicked out of his mouth during a game.

Replacing missing, broken, or lost Teeth

Cosmetic dentists are happy to put your front teeth back in after you lost them in a tavern scuffle, sports injury, or trip down the stairs, and of course, they never judge.

If you’ve only visited a general dentist to have your teeth cleaned to tweak your braces, you’ve really only experienced a small fraction of the wonders of modern oral care and innovation.

For example, ever heard of dental implants? They’re essentially fake teeth, but they’re literally embedded into your jawbone like natural teeth. This ensures they won’t go anywhere once they’re put in place, and most implants can boast a 98% success rate.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

What about whitening solutions? Ever felt like your smile could be a few shades lighter? Modern dental technology has developed a peroxide-based whitening solution designed to clean off the stains found in coffee, tea and tobacco that can darken your teeth. All it takes is a simple trip to the exam room and about an hour of your time.

Smile Straightening

Want to straighten your teeth without all the stigma attached to metal braces? Another innovation the cosmetic dentistry world has come up with is invisible braces, which are small plastic strips that are completely discreet when they’re inside the mouth.

These have become popular with adults and even children who don’t wish to endure the speech problems and perceived negativity associated with traditional metal braces.

Cosmetic dentistry has become very much an art form, with sculptors creating the perfect artificial tooth and the surgeons implanting it with all the grace and precision of a classical painter. Scientists have even developed potent sedation tools to help you combat your dental anxieties and get back to chewing and smiling more quickly.

It’s exactly this kind of innovation — coupled with the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe in the importance of smiles as social assets — that’s allowed cosmetic dentistry industry to flourish. Talk to your friendly MintDental professional to inquire about costs and availability of each service!

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