Cosmetic Dentist

cosmetic dentistry in anchorageWhen we talk about dentistry, we tend to focus a lot on the health side of things — for a perfectly understandable reason. However, there’s no reason to keep believing that cavity-filling and teeth-repairing are all a dentist can do. You don’t have to have oral health-related issues to visit us at Mint Dental — though we always welcome patients with oral health issues! We have dentists who can perform a variety of cosmetic procedures as well.

What procedures does cosmetic dentistry include?

So, what does cosmetic dentistry cover, anyways? As the name suggests, cosmetic dentistry is a special field of dentistry that focuses on improving how your smile looks rather than just trying to maintain the health of those teeth. Of course, as with all medical fields, there’s often some overlap. Some procedures can be considered cosmetic as well as restorative, but, for the most part, the emphasis of the procedures is distinctly different.

The most common cosmetic dental procedures include:

  • Teeth whitening: The pictures of patients in dental offices always portray smiling faces with pristine, white teeth, but it can seem somewhat fake. This is because everyone’s teeth can become discolored over time, whether through stains transferred from food, genetics, or just from aging. Luckily, dentists have worked out a safe, reliable way to reverse the discoloration. If you visit our Mint Dental Alaska office in Anchorage, you, too, can get teeth whitening to return your teeth to their former beauty.
  • Porcelain veneers and dental crowns: Porcelain veneers and crowns make up the strongest and most potent aesthetic restorations possible. Simply put, veneers and crowns are both attachments that can be placed over damaged or discolored teeth, but their function covers much more than just hiding discoloration. Veneers and crowns can change the very shape and length of the teeth, covering imperfections or damage much more effectively than any other procedure.
  • Dental implants: One of the easiest ways to ruin a smile is to remove a tooth from it, and a fairly recent development called the dental implant offers an exciting way to fill in the gap in a completely unnoticeable way. Dental implants first involve the installation of a piece of titanium that fuses to the jawbone like a regular tooth root. After the implant heals, a specially created crown can then be attached to the metal stub. The result is a prosthetic tooth that looks identical to and acts exactly the same as a regular tooth. Dental implants (as well as their cohorts bridges and dentures) can be considered a restorative procedure as well as a cosmetic one.

Why should I get cosmetic dentistry?

services-image3You’ve probably been thinking this whole time why you would need a cosmetic treatment. The honest answer is that there’s technically no “requirement”. Pursuing cosmetic dentistry is a completely voluntary choice.

However, there’s got to be a reason why millions of people get teeth whitening done every year, and the reason is this: your smile matters. The American Dental Association’s research is startling. Over 95% of people believe that having a smile is an important social asset for a person to have. And with cosmetic dentistry, you, too, can have a smile that adds to your personality.

At Mint Dental Alaska in Anchorage, we believe in the power of smiles, and that’s why our dentists have the special training and continuing education to perform a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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