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Many adults struggle with the common problem of missing a tooth or sometimes several teeth. If you are in this situation, you deserve to know all of your options for a comfortable dental replacement. Dental implants are not only the longest-lasting type of tooth replacement; they are also the most durable, comfortable, and lifelike.

Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth and can restore your ability to bite and chew foods comfortably. Dental implants also offer incredible longevity and can last a lifetime. Dental implants are much easier to care for than dentures or partials, and you can treat them like your natural teeth, using high-quality toothpaste for daily brushing. You can brush and floss around them just like natural teeth.

There is no need for messy dental adhesives with dental implants, slipping, or feeling insecure while eating in public. Dental implants are a fantastic fix for the replacement of one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth.

Our patients in the Anchorage area also appreciate the fact that we can streamline the process by providing both the surgical phase (placement of the implant into the jawbone) as well as the restorative phase of the procedure (placement of the crown) in one convenient location.

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What is a dental implant?

Dental implants have become the most popular and most recommended type of tooth prosthetic in recent years, and it’s all because of the special way the false tooth is attached. Dental implants replace missing teeth in the most organic way possible, resulting in a fully functional and barely distinguishable permanent prosthetic.

How does this work? The key to dental implants lies in a tiny piece of titanium that the dentist embeds in your jawbone. Titanium is a special type of metal that has the ability to fuse to bone, and the discovery of this property has revolutionized the fields of medicine and dentistry alike. Because the metal eventually integrates with the body and has been shown to not result in any allergic or otherwise adverse reactions, it is an ideal choice when it comes to replacing a tooth.

Because of its ability to attach and fuse to bone, the implanted titanium metal can act basically the same as a tooth root. Once the implant area heals, a dental crown can be fitted over the titanium, seamlessly hiding the stub and creating a beautiful and functional result.

Why should I choose dental implants?

So, you might be wondering, why dental implants? Dentures and dental bridges have been around for a longer time, and they work reasonably well. Why choose a newer, more expensive technique when the older ones are still functional?

The most important reason to choose dental implants is that they are a healthier option for the mouth as a whole. The most invasive part of the dental implant installation process is the attachment of the titanium rod to the jawbone, whereas with dental bridges, the nearby healthy teeth need to be shaved down to accommodate for a bridge. While neither procedure has direct impact on a patient’s oral health, dentists still lean toward the more organic, less harmful treatment because one can never be sure what unexpected future effects could result from willfully damaging a tooth.

Dental implants are also uniquely designed to take care of situations in which a patient is only missing one tooth. Dentures might be an inexpensive and functional treatment, but partial dentures are difficult to fashion and awkward to wear, making them only really useful in situations in which a patient is missing an entire row of teeth. Bridges have a similar problem and are typically only preferable when three or four teeth are missing in a row because the same procedure can take care of the whole row. Implants, on the other hand, are specially designed to replace single teeth without impacting the tooth’s neighbors.

However, bear in mind that these are only general guidelines. You’d need a dentist in Anchorage to give you professional recommendations for the best procedure for you. Not everyone’s mouth may be suited for every treatment possibility, and a professional evaluation is the only thing that can reveal the hidden details that can prohibit one of these choices.

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