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The Benefits of Good Flossing Technique

Good Flossing Technique is Key in Oral Health Every person who has ever visited the dentist has been asked, "have you been flossing" by either their dental hygienist or dentist, and according to the American Dental Association, 20% of adults never floss. Is flossing...

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Can you Weaken your Teeth Through Whitening?

Are you really hurting your teeth by trying to get that perfect white smile? When it comes to a healthy looking smile, the general consensus is that whiter is better. As such, whitening strips are available to help gain the look one desires.  While there is...

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How your Gums can Affect your Heart

A Close Call that could have been prevented A few years back, I spoke with a man who was going in for open heart surgery. What made this strange was that the man I was talking to ate properly, exercised regularly, and would at the surface not appear to have any reason...

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Halloween Tips From Your Dentist

Keep Your Mouth Healthy this Halloween! Halloween is almost here and as dentists we understand that it means candies and costumes. While we would prefer if you ate an apple rather than a candy bar, we’re realistic and understand that you can’t say no to candy forever,...

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Toddler Dental Care and Issues

How do I take care of my toddler's teeth? Dental problems in infancy and toddlerhood can impact a child’s oral care journey for the rest of his or her life. The best way to start your child down the right path is to establish healthy oral care habits even before their...

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Get Rid of Bad Breath

Fighting Bad Breath Halitosis, or bad breath, is something almost everyone will suffer from at some point. In order to avoid it, you need to know what causes it and what you can do about it. Bad breath is caused by bacterial waste in the mouth. It can be from the...

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The Top Most Common Dental Problems

The Three Most Common Dental Problems Despite taking the best care of your teeth, you still tend to end up making an appointment with your dentist to get your latest dental problem treated. This article will address the most common dental issues that people often face...

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Dental Implants – An Alternative to Dentures

Benefits of Dental Implants If you are considering dentures, you should be aware of dental implants as a possible replacement solution for your missing teeth. Dental implants are an affordable alternative to traditional dentures. They don't dislodge while eating, they...

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What the New Office Will Mean for Patients

Dr. Jonathan McNeil and the staff at Mint Dental Alaska are excited to announce that they will soon be opening a new office! Mint Dental is quickly becoming known as the "hippest dental office in Alaska," and has seen amazing growth lately. They recently had more...

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How Does Water Quality Affect Oral Health?

Water Quality and Oral Health Water is one of the most basic needs of humans. Without it, not only will we become dehydrated, but we will also be unable to perform many of our regular activities such as bathing and oral hygiene, cooking, and washing. However, despite...

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Outdoor Expeditions and Oral Health

Don't Let Time Outdoors effect your Oral Health! Summer is just around the corner and what is better to do in Alaska than taking a hike? With the gorgeous weather looming and school ending soon, families and individuals are looking forward to a great mountaineering...

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How Can Dentists Save Alaskan Wilderness?

Conservation Focused Dentistry Dental professionals who reside in Alaska understand the importance of maintaining the Alaskan Wilderness, although not all practices are sure how to tackle such a vast task. There are small changes that can be made within a dental...

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Why Do People Get Crowns?

Dental Crowns vs Implants and Other Alternatives Crowns are dental restorations that are designed to replace a damaged tooth without having to extract said tooth. A crown is simply cemented on top of the damaged tooth after it has been shaped into an abutment. But why...

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How Does Cold Weather Affect Oral Hygiene?

Does Cold Weather Affect Oral Hygiene? Tooth sensitivity can increase during the cold winter months. Cold weather can shock the normally 98 degree teeth and gums and create sharp pain in the mouth. Not all people suffer from extreme tooth sensitivity, and it can be...

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Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene to your Body

Infographic proof of the Ill Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene You've likely been told since you were a young child that brushing your teeth three times a day is extremely important. Many don't realize just how vital it is to your overall health, not just that of your...

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The Worst and Best Teeth Whitening Remedies

What are the Best Teeth Whitening Remedies? The quest for bright white teeth continues. Today, people use almost any means to get them. Use an at-home, all-natural recipe to a whiter smile? Sure. Activated charcoal? Why not? Over-the-counter options? Perfect....

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Oral Hygiene and Overbrushing Your Teeth

Are you Overbrushing Your Teeth? When it comes to brushing teeth, most people believe they have the basics down because they have been brushing since they were children. They know brushing and flossing will help fight plaque and protect them against cavities. They...

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How Soon Should You Start Child Dental Care?

Children's Dental Care The high levels of tooth decay in children are shocking. Due to sugar-laden diets and parents’ complacency, children as young as three years old are receiving more invasive dental procedures. In the most extreme cases, all 20 primary teeth are...

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Do You Need an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Do you need an Emergency Dental Appointment? Dental emergencies are a common occurrence. While Americans place an emphasis on dental health — we spend approximately $775 million on toothbrushes each year — sometimes dental complications occur that we can’t predict or...

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5 Tips for Naturally Fresher Breath

Steps for Naturally Fresher Breath Talking about your breath can be a sensitive subject. At Mint Dental we want our patients to know that they can talk to us about whatever dental concerns they have, without having to feel uncomfortable. Your breath speaks volumes...

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Recovering after a Tooth Extraction

Steps to a Smooth Recovery after a Tooth Extraction Losing a tooth isn’t fun, but it can be a positive experience when you take the care and necessary steps to caring for your dental extraction site so that it can heal properly. After tooth extraction pain is normal,...

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Important? It’s not just smokers and people that drink alcohol who are at risk for developing oral cancer. New studies show that people in their 20s and 30s are more at risk than ever, partly due to HPV, the virus that also causes...

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