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Goodbye, yellow teeth

Age, tobacco, tea, coffee, wine, and soda can wreak havoc on your teeth’s naturally white color.

Unfortunately, stained teeth can make you look and feel older and less confident. We offer powerful professional teeth whitening treatments at your Anchorage office.

What can professional teeth whitening do for you?

  • Remove surface stains from your teeth
  • Brighten your smile without causing sensitivity 
  • Create a natural, confident smile 

Why choose Anchorage teeth whitening from Mint Dental?

Customized for You

We’ll formulate the whitening treatment based on your desired results.

Enjoyable Experience

Sit back, relax, and catch up on your favorite show during treatment.

Quick & Easy

Our in-office treatment take about 2 hours — stop by during your lunch break!
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Professional In-Office Whitening

Professional teeth whitening can range from laser treatments to custom made trays with high end gels. Each patient is different so the best solution for each will be different. We also factor in things like time and budget into consideration before making any recommendations.

The custom fit trays we use are like the paint-on solutions and strips but are guaranteed to clean and fit better than anything bought over the counter. These trays will normally take 10-14 days to finish, but can often show results as early as three days into the process.

At Mint Dental Alaska we also practice a laser teeth whitening that is complete in just under an hour. Laser teeth whitening amplifies the effects of bleaching solutions with a laser, accelerating and increasing the amount of whitening that can occur. Because the process can be dangerous if handled incorrectly, only dentists are able to perform these laser whitening services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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One of the most important questions for many is the price of any whitening procedure. Many of the over the counter solutions will cost you under $20. Professional teeth whitening can range anywhere from $300 to $1000 depending on the procedure. Because tooth whitening procedures are mostly considered cosmetic, most dental insurance plans will not cover them.

YesMany people are under the mindset that teeth whitening is not safe, which is far from the truthWhen done professionally, teeth whitening is very safeIt is important to understand that overdoing it can be harmful and cause sensitivity or damage to the enamel.   

Unfortunately, no.  Teeth whitening results can however last up to 5 to 10 yearsPatients that practice good oral health routines are more likely to see results that last longerBrushing the teeth after every meal and avoiding drinks and foods that are heavily dyed can all aid in making the results last.  

Yes. Teeth whitening is known to cause minor sensitivity during and after the procedure. The produces used for whitening contain peroxide, which is used to strip the enamel. When the enamel is stripped of the stains, the teeth are more vulnerable, which can cause temporary sensitivity to hot and cold items.

Teeth whitening can take place once a patient reaches 13 years of ageDentists do not recommend teeth whitening for children or patients that still have baby teethAdults are generally the best candidates for the procedure because their teeth are developed and have years of stains.  

To get the most out of your teeth whitening procedure we recommend that you brush and floss at least twice daily and avoid heavily dyed beverages such as wine, tea or coffee.


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