Recovering after a Tooth Extraction

Steps to a Smooth Recovery after a Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth isn’t fun, but it can be a positive experience when you take the care and necessary steps to caring for your dental extraction site so that it can heal properly. After tooth extraction pain is normal, but there are steps you can take to ensure a quick recovery.

Avoid smoking, carbonated beverages, and drinking through a straw. Why? All of these can prevent proper healing and cause you to develop a dry socket at the site of the extraction. A dry socket occurs when the blood clot fails to form properly or comes out of the extraction site (due to smoking, carbonation or sucking through a straw.) It’s the smart thing to do to avoid these items until your mouth has healed.

Take medication as directed. We may prescribe an antibiotic or pain reliever for you to use after your surgery. It’s important to follow the directions on your medication in order to fully eliminate bacterial infections or prevent discomfort.

Keep hot and cold compresses handy. On the day of your procedure, alternating warm and cold compresses on the side of your face can help reduce or eliminate any swelling that might occur.

Rinse with warm salt water to keep the area clean of food debris. Gentle rinsing with warm water helps to flush food from the area without irritating it with a toothbrush. Adding salt to the water naturally reduces inflammation of your oral tissues.

Soft, cold foods are your friend. Pudding, gelatin or ice-cream are all excellent foods to have on hand after your procedure, because they don’t require any chewing. The cold temperature also helps with discomfort. If you’re up for warmer foods, try mashed potatoes or warm soup.

Most extraction sites will heal completely within 2 weeks of the procedure. Should you experience complications, pain, swelling, or something doesn’t feel just quite right, you should call Mint Dental right away.

We’ll get you in to see one of our doctors to ensure that everything is healing nicely, and help you if it isn’t. It’s our goal to provide only the best dental treatment possible as well as preserve the health and comfort of each one of our patients.

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