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Steps for Naturally Fresher Breath

Talking about your breath can be a sensitive subject. At Mint Dental we want our patients to know that they can talk to us about whatever dental concerns they have, without having to feel uncomfortable. Your breath speaks volumes about who you are, especially if you struggle with a displeasing odor.

There are several steps you can take to help eliminate the root causes of bad breath, and naturally freshen it through the rest of the day. Here are some of the methods that we recommend:

Cleaning Your Tongue

Most odorous bacteria in your mouth are found directly on your tongue, hidden among the small papilla that covers its surface. Brushing these papilla isn’t always efficient. Instead, we recommend using a tongue scraper. These flexible plastic devices are swiped over your tongue and visible remove large amounts of the above-mentioned bacteria. Use it once a day or every time you brush; you’ll be surprised when you see the results.

Use A Drop or Two of an Oral-Blend Essential Oils Mixture

Many popular over the counter rinses are made using essential oils as their key ingredient. A drop or two of essential oils like mint or an oral-blend directly to your toothbrush can eliminate odor-causing bacteria and leave your breath fresh for hours after use.

Floss the Areas that Collect Food

Food traps between teeth can cause deep pockets of packed food to be held for hours, or even sometimes days, between your teeth. You can just imagine what this smells like. While flossing may be annoying, removing that debris so that it can’t start causing a stench is very, very important.

Get Regular Cleanings

Visiting Mint Dental for routine preventive care appointments allows us to remove bacterial plaque and tartar from your teeth and root surfaces. Otherwise, those diseased areas with active gum infections can cause breath to be so bad that it can be smelt across the room.

Use an Electric Toothbrush

Routine removal of plaque bacteria is the simplest way to improve your breath, but your manual toothbrush might not be doing a good enough job. When you visit us at your cleaning, as us which electric toothbrush would be best for your individual oral health needs.

Author Dr. Jonathan McNeil

Mint Dental patients know that while we care for your teeth, we also care for the way you feel about your smile. Helping you have fresh breath is just one of the many ways we provide customized care to you and your family.


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