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Why choose Mint Dental Alaska in Anchorage?

When it comes to your oral care, the more that your dentist knows, the better. That’s because you don’t want to continually have to go to someone new who you’ll have to explain your dental history to. At Mint Dental Alaska, we aim to be the team that is in it for the long haul. Whether your spouse needs a general cleaning, your child needs to get fillings, or you are considering getting veneers for yourself, we offer it all. And because we care about the Anchorage community, we offer fair prices that won’t become a financial burden.

Dental Services

Are you unhappy with your metal fillings? We now offer tooth-colored alternatives that are completely safe and that blend perfectly with your natural teeth. For many years, silver (amalgam) fillings were the gold standard for reliability and longevity. However, with new developments in dental materials, we are able to provide realistic-looking fillings that contain no metal or mercury. In this photo, two posterior silver fillings have been replaced with bonded composite restorations.

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When you are looking for a dentist in Anchorage, you want one that does it all. You want to know that you can go to the dentist whenever you need.

 You want to be confident that your Anchorage dentist can come through for all of your dental needs. 

As a general rule, you should plan to visit your dentist every six months for routine cleaning. Over time your teeth can accumulate bacteria, tartar, and plaque. If you go long periods without routine cleaning, the bone around your teeth may be permanently damaged leading to early teeth loss. Our hygienists are experienced in helping patients of all ages keep their mouths healthy. Once we get your mouth to a healthier state, you will be able to get away with minimum maintenance to achieve maximum dental health.

Cavities, Fillings, and Other Dental Problems

Cavities are caused by bacteria that accumulate on your teeth. Acids produced by bacteria slowly break down the enamel, which is the thin material on the outside of the tooth. As the bacteria go deeper into the tooth you may experience sensitivity to cold or sweets. We recommend that you come in for at least yearly exams so that our experienced dentists can diagnose cavities while they are still small. Once a cavity gets past the outside of the tooth, it cannot be reversed and will continue destroying the inside of the tooth, possibly damaging the nerve as well. During your exam, feel free to ask us about any other procedures we regularly perform, including veneers, dental implants, and IV sedation.

Here at Mint Dental Alaska, we aim to provide you with any of the Anchorage dentistry services that you are going to need. We know that you may need a vast range of oral care help to get your smile back to the beautiful condition that you want it in. That’s why we specialize in a variety of different treatments and procedures that will be sure to help you.

We want you to know how important your oral health is. Sure, we love seeing you every six months, but in reality that is the recommended amount of time that you should go between cleanings anyways. We know that if you are going to get motivated to visit the dentist, then you need to be in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. That’s why we provide you with the comfort and care that you need when you are with us.

To learn more about what we offer and to schedule your appointment, give us a call today at (907) 313-1868. We have a variety of full-service and general dentistry options that you’ll be sure to love.

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