When Teeth are Sensitive to Hot and Cold

Sensitive TeethAre you Experiencing Sensitive Teeth?

Have you ever taken a sip of your hot morning coffee or tea then grimaced as your teeth began to hurt? Or maybe at some point you stopped putting ice in your water glass or stopped eating ice cream to avoid aching teeth from the cold?

This kind of sensitivity to cold or hot foods and beverages can be frustrating and may even impact your quality of life. There are several dental conditions that can cause your teeth to become sensitive. Continue reading “When Teeth are Sensitive to Hot and Cold”

Why Do My Teeth Hurt? The Most Common Reasons For Tooth Pain

The Most Common Reasons For Tooth Pain

Reasons for Tooth PainMysterious tooth pain is sure to put a damper on your day. Going to the dentist wasn’t on your agenda – it never seems to come at a good time. You might think you can just ignore it until it goes away, but you can’t stop thinking about it.

The good news is, there’s a few common causes of tooth pain that can help you narrow down what might be bothering you. You’ll still need to see a professional, but once you do, you’ll be on your way to feeling much better. Continue reading “Why Do My Teeth Hurt? The Most Common Reasons For Tooth Pain”

What the New Office Will Mean for Patients

Dr. Jonathan McNeil and the staff at Mint Dental Alaska are excited to announce that they will soon be opening a new office!Mint Dental's New Office

Mint Dental is quickly becoming known as the “hippest dental office in Alaska,” and has seen amazing growth lately. They recently had more than 200 calls for new patients, so it’s no wonder that they need offices with more space. And, they are excited at the thought that the new, office location will mean the chance to provide even better service for patients.

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Outdoor Expeditions and Oral Health

Outdoor Expeditions and Oral HealthDon’t Let Time Outdoors effect your Oral Health!

Summer is just around the corner and what is better to do in Alaska than taking a hike? With the gorgeous weather looming and school ending soon, families and individuals are looking forward to a great mountaineering experience. However, any outdoor activity requires an adjustment in one’s lifestyle, even if it’s just for a day. Dental hygiene would be a perfect example of such adjustment.

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How Can Dentists Save Alaskan Wilderness?

Conservation Focused Dentistryconservation focused dentistry

Dental professionals who reside in Alaska understand the importance of maintaining the Alaskan Wilderness, although not all practices are sure how to tackle such a vast task. There are small changes that can be made within a dental practice which are environmentally friendly and will create a positive impact upon the grand Alaskan Wilderness.

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How Does Cold Weather Affect Oral Hygiene?

Does Cold Weather Affect Oral Hygiene?

Does Cold Weather Affect Oral Hygiene?Tooth sensitivity can increase during the cold winter months. Cold weather can shock the normally 98 degree teeth and gums and create sharp pain in the mouth. Not all people suffer from extreme tooth sensitivity, and it can be alleviated by discovering the cause and eliminating it with a proper hygiene routine.

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One in Six Americans Miss Work Due to Oral Health Issues, New Study Shows

Man patient at dental consultation dentist surgeryMissing Time Due to Oral Health Issues?

A new study has revealed just how damaging poor dental hygiene can be to workplace productivity.

According to a June 4 article in The Tennessean, the 2014 Delta Dental Oral Health and Wellbeing Survey recently found that approximately one in six Americans — 16% of the population — miss work due to dental health concerns each year. As a result, more than 164 million work hours are lost yearly. Continue reading “One in Six Americans Miss Work Due to Oral Health Issues, New Study Shows”

How to Choose a Dentist: The Top Five Qualities You Should Look For

How to Choose a DentistHow to Choose a Dentist

Taking care of your teeth is essential to maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. A major component of caring for your teeth is seeing a general or family dentist for regular checkups. However, if you don’t have a dentist whom you regularly visit, choosing the best dentist for you can be tough — especially when there are approximately 195,941 licensed dentists currently practicing throughout the country. Continue reading “How to Choose a Dentist: The Top Five Qualities You Should Look For”