Why is Dentistry so Expensive?

Why is dentistry so expensive For many people, going to the dentist is something they do not enjoy.

Some people fear a painful experience, others are uncomfortable with someone around their teeth, but maybe the largest group of people simply don’t like the cost of dentistry.

In this article we cover five reasons behind the cost of dental care.

Are the High Costs of Dentistry Worth the Expense?

It’s no surprise that we will tell you that the cost of dentistry is justified for many reasons, but we do want to address one thing first.

Dental care doesn’t need to be expensive. Most insurance plans cover most of the preventative procedures. This is why we stress the fact you need to come see us on a regular basis!

Now… on to the five reasons why dentistry tends to be more expensive than you’d like!

1.Dentists Are Highly Trained Professionals

One reason for explaining the high costs of the dentist is that it isn’t a product you can simply visit the supermarket and pay for in a few minutes. Dentistry combines science with artistic merit.

Dentists are skillful, and not all practicing dentists are equal. Some are more talented than others and some have furthered their education far beyond what is required to graduate medical school. The best dentists are simply going to be more expensive than inexperienced, or less educated ones.

Even the less educated Dentist has still gone through years of post bachelor education to receive their licence to practice. Dental professionals are highly trained individuals.

2.Overhead Costs

Another reason for the high costs of going to the dental office are overhead costs. Much of what a practice makes will go to overhead costs. These costs will include rent or mortgage payments for the actual space of the practice, payroll for all of the staff, supplies, taxes, electricity, technology, health insurance and much more.

A good office isn’t going to cut corners when it comes to quality oral care. That means they will compensate employees fairly, have a clean office, updates tools and everything else one can imagine when it comes to a top dental care facility. The cost of dentistry for the patient goes up because of things like overhead costs.

3.Labs, Technology, and Tools

Labs are another explanation to high costs. Like most material in the world, some are better than others. Labs are no different, some use the highest quality while others don’t. When one goes into their local dentist office for a fix on a crown or dentures, they may assume that the dentist is using the highest quality of labs. Yet, this is not the case and a patient typically pays for the quality of the lab.

For example, imagine having a dentist fix a crown and cement it all in one visit. This is possible with the proper machine, but this high-end technology costs a lot of money. So when you next ask, why is dentistry so expensive, you’ll know why.

4. Not Valuing Oral Health

The lack of patients taking oral care seriously is also a cause of the high cost of dentistry. The health of your teeth and gums are important, yet many people don’t keep up with proper oral hygiene practices, instead letting things go untreated for long periods of time.

This, in turn, creates not only oral health issues, but overall health issues. In the long term, it may be best to pay for the high cost of dentistry for preventative measures as the cost of bad health far outweighs the shopping price for an excellent dentist and oral care.

5. Dental Insurance

Insurance doesn’t cover much when it comes to dentistry. It will likely cover the costs associated with a cleaning or x-ray, but won’t protect a patient if they need a lot of work done in their mouth.

Many patients think of dental insurance like they do health insurance, but the two are radically different. Dental insurance is more like a maintenance plan for preventative care. This is why putting the time and effort into caring for your smile can go a long way to saving you money next time you visit us!

Keeping Dental Care Affordable

As we’ve stated several times, much of the cost of dental care can be mitigated by what you do in your daily life to take care of your teeth. A good brushing and flossing routine, along with bi-annual visits to see us can go a long way to making oral health a small budget item!

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