Dentistry During Pregnancy – Three Things You Should Know

dentistry during pregnancyDentistry isn’t probably something that is top of mind when you find out you’re pregnant. After all, you have a LOT on your mind.

When faced with an addition to your family dentistry can take a back seat, right?

However, pregnancy does increase a woman’s chance for several common oral health issues that you should be aware of.

We want to discuss three specific issues that we see quite often with pregnant women so hopefully you can avoid them!

Dentistry During Pregnancy

It is important to know that regular dental checkups, fillings, and common dental procedures are all safe for women while pregnant. Just make sure your dentist knows you are expecting and they will be extra careful the products they use during procedures.

That being said, there are a handful of oral issues that occur more often during pregnancy that you should be aware of.


The first risk that Mint Dental will be able to help with during your pregnancy is developing gingivitis. Because of all of the different hormonal changes that are going to happen while pregnant, your mouth is often affected too.

Pregnant woman often see extra inflammation inside of her gums that is going to cause some tenderness or swelling. Therefore, there is a chance that your gums are going to bleed a little bit when you are flossing or brushing them.

If it is not treated, then it can cause a lot of problems in the future with gum disease. Make sure you are aware of this, and see your dentist at least once during your pregnancy in order to prevent gingivitis from developing.

Tooth decay

The second risk is that the pregnancy is going to increase the chances of having tooth decay. Pregnancy can cause women to be a lot more prone to cavities due to a change in diet. Cravings can also cause a woman to eat a lot more carbohydrates and sugar then they were before the pregnancy.

The next issue is with morning sickness. This can cause an increase the amount of acid that is going to be inside of your mouth. The strong stomach acid is known to eat away at the enamel that is covering your teeth.

Pregnant women also tend to overlook habits like brushing due to the stress, exhaustion, and fatigue. The combination of these three factors can have long lasting effects on the health of your teeth.


The third risk that you should be aware of are “pregnancy tumors.” During the second trimester of pregnancy an overgrowth of tissue develops that cause the gums to become inflamed, raw and appear to be raspberry red. In addition, these things often cause excessive bleeding.

Women with plaque buildup before pregnancy seem to be at higher risk to develop these tumors than others.

Pregnancy tumors can be mistaken for cancer, but they are not. In fact, most of the time they will disappear on their own after the baby is born. If they don’t go away on their own you can talk to your dentist about having them removed.

Other Dental Concerns while Pregnant?

While pregnant the health of the mother to be directly effects the health of the fetus, so anything we can do to make her comfortable and healthy is important to us.

If you are expecting and have dental questions or needs please reach out through our contact page or call us at: 901-313-1863! We’d love to hear from you!