The Six Types of Dental Specialists

Dental SpecialistsMost of us know that we should visit the dentist every six month for routine deep cleaning procedures. It’s something that is often told to us from a very young age.

What many might not know is there are actually different specialties inside the dental professional that spend extra time and further their education past the normal degree.

Just like their a brain surgeon and a heart surgeon both have a very high level of education, it is probably a good idea to go to the specialist for very serious issues. A 30 year old may not get the specialized care they need from a Pedodontist, while you don’t need an Endodontist for a teeth whitening procedure.

In this article we’ll dive into the six different specialties of dentistry, and why you may want to visit each!

What Is A Periodontist?

When a person visits a Periodontist, they will be dealing with gum disease. When someone has developed gum disease your normal dentist will often refer the patient to these specialists.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease can sometimes be reversed with a dental deep cleaning in order to get the teeth and gums into a healthier state. In more extreme cases, periodontist also are experts in treating oral inflammation and placing dental implant.

An Orthodontist

An Orthodontist is a specialist that will work on straightening the teeth. People that have crooked teeth will need to get braces to correct the problem. This is what an Orthodontist will be able to do for a person.

In most cases, there will first be a consultation to see if any teeth need to be removed before the braces are put on. A patient will also be given detailed information for the care of their teeth and gums when they are wearing the braces and after they are removed.

Patients should ask as many questions as they might have, because the answers will help them while they are considering whether or not they want to get braces. Costs for the services will also be discussed at this time.

Endodontist Specialty

An Endodontist deals with issues that affect the pulp of the teeth. This is often the type of dentist you’ll see if you need a root canal, or some other procedure that deals with the interiors of the teeth.

These experts will answer any questions that a person might have about these types of issues. While a common dentist will perform a few root canals in any given week, an Endodontist does nothing but, and is better equipped to deal with large scale damaged nerves or infection.



Pedodontics is a type of dentistry that is geared towards the care of children and their dental hygiene. These specialists are able to deal with children in a good way so that they can learn dental habits when they are young.

A good Pedodontist is sought after by parents when they want their children to grow up having healthy teeth and gums.


A Prosthodontist

With a Prosthodontist, a person will be fit for artificial teeth and gums. They are experts that deal with dentures and implants that will enable a person to chew and swallow in a better fashion.

The number, type, and variety of procedures that involve artificial teeth continues to increase, and these professionals discuss the options that a person will have. By scheduling a meeting with a Prosthodontist you’ll be able to make a well informed decision for what will be the best solution for their problem.


Maxillofacial Surgeon Specialty

A Maxillofacial Surgeon is a specialist that works on repairing facial tissues in and around the mouth area. The Maxillofacial Surgeon is a practiced professional that is highly trained and skilled.

They have the education and experience to work wonders on the people that need large amounts of work done with their mouths.

When you see someone in a serious accident where large portions of their jaw or teeth are dislodged, broken, or otherwise damaged, a Maxillofacial Surgeon is your best bet.

Questions about Dental Specialists?

At Mint Dental we employ dentist that cover multiple of these specialties, and on the off chance we are not able to help you we will give you a recommendation you can trust. Schedule your appointment today or give us a call at 907-313-1862.