Can you Weaken your Teeth Through Whitening?

Are you really hurting your teeth by trying to get that perfect white smile?

Can you Weaken your Teeth Through Whitening?When it comes to a healthy looking smile, the general consensus is that whiter is better. As such, whitening strips are available to help gain the look one desires.  While there is little debate over the effectiveness of the strips, there has been some concern as to the overall effects the whitening strips may have upon your teeth. To debunk some of the misconceptions about whitening we have addressed some of the issues below. Continue reading “Can you Weaken your Teeth Through Whitening?”

The Worst and Best Teeth Whitening Remedies


best teeth whitening remediesWhat are the Best Teeth Whitening Remedies?

The quest for bright white teeth continues. Today, people use almost any means to get them. Use an at-home, all-natural recipe to a whiter smile? Sure. Activated charcoal? Why not? Over-the-counter options? Perfect. Unfortunately, following a recipe you found online or buying another kit from the grocery store won’t produce the results you seek. In fact, many do-it-yourself teeth whitening remedies could end up damaging your smile.

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